The 4 Essentials of Life

As we navigate our way through life we see many things that pique our interest and create desire within us.  “Ooooh, look at the car!  I’d love to have one of those!” “Janice is so lucky to have found Mike – he’s terrific.  I wish I could meet a guy like that.”  “Have you seen the Smith’s new house?  It’s amazing!”  “It seems like everyone, except me, is planning a vacation.  I wish I could afford one.”  Each of us hear or make statements like these all the time – it is natural for us to want more for ourselves and those we love, and longing for them and enjoying the feeling of anticipation as they move closer into our reality is part of what makes life worth living.  But, first things first.

While a fancy new car, the perfect soul mate, a dream home, and the vacation of a lifetime are all wonderful, they are meaningless – indeed useless – without health.  Our society is a little bit backwards in that we put lots of resources, financial and otherwise, into so many things other than our health.  But anyone who is losing their health will tell you that they would give anything for the ability to go back in time so they could make better choices – they would take better care of themselves and nurture their gift of life as a mother would her newborn baby.  Your body is a vessel which houses your spirit – your body will be behind the wheel of that car, in the arms of your lover, cooking in the kitchen of that new home and lounging on the beach in paradise!  If you truly want to preserve or recapture your health there are four, basic areas you should concentrate on:

1.)     FOOD

So what are you eating on a regular basis?  Is your diet based on fruits, vegetables and whole grains or are these incidental foods that make their way to your mouth infrequently?  Many Americans are literally starved for nutrition – oh, they get plenty of calories, but very little nutrition.  A great way to immediately improve your diet is to shop only the perimeter of your grocery store – stay out of the aisles!  Focus on lean cuts of meat and poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to limit your dairy consumption.  Of course, if you are able to choose organic versions of these foods, even better.  The aisles are where all the canned, boxed, and otherwise processed and packaged foods are – STAY AWAY. . .maybe just run into the rice isle quickly and grab a box of long grain, wild, brown rice!!  If you can manage to shop this way, as well as steer clear of fast food, vending machines and too many sweets, you’ll be on your way to a healthier body – and a trimmer waistline.

2.)    WATER

So, what’s the deal with water?  One day we hear that tap water is horrible and that we should only drink bottled water.  Then the next day we are told this is not true.  For years we have been advised to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water per day, and then just a few weeks ago the mainstream media reported that this is completely unnecessary.  When it comes to water, truth does not seem to be flowing freely from the pitcher of popular opinion.  What we do know for sure is that water is the basis of life.  As you grew in your mother’s womb you breathed water for nine months before you ever took your first breath of air – even now your body is composed of 75% water.  A constant flow of pure water is essential as it serves to enhance blood circulation and oxygenation of cells, regulate body temperature, maintain the acid/alkaline balance (which supports optimum digestion and absorption of nutrients), and detoxification.  An intelligent, simple way to handle your water intake is to make water your primary beverage. Try to always make water your first choice and limit juices, coffee, tea, soda and alcohol as much as possible.  It is also wise to avoid municipal water sources as they are usually chlorinated and/or have fluoride added to them.  If your tap water is from a well have it tested periodically for contaminants so you can be sure it is safe.  Of course, bottled spring water which has been filtered via a reverse osmosis process is an excellent choice.

3.)    OXYGEN

The quality of the air you breathe into your lungs is also extremely important.  Most people are shocked to learn that their homes have toxic air – indeed even more toxic than their place of business or public buildings.  Take steps to purify the air in your home with high-quality air filters – they really work!  Additionally, the ultimate way to make sure you are getting enough oxygen is to breathe deeply, and the best way to do that is to exercise.  Even gentle physical activity increases your heart rate which then requires increased, deep breathing so the heart may receive the oxygen it needs to pump your blood efficiently during the activity.  Oxygenating your blood via exercise acts as a powerful, natural medicine.  People who exercise regularly throughout their lives have a much lower incidence of disease than the general population.  If you are not already on an exercise regimen, check with your Doctor to make sure you are well enough to begin some form of physical activity.  Then choose something fun that you will enjoy and GET MOVING!


If you have been reading my monthly articles in this publication you are well aware of the importance of a well-functioning nervous system.  Above, in the section about water, I state that water is the basis of life – what I should clarify is that while water is the basis of  life, ENERGY is the precursor to life.  At the point of conception, when an egg and sperm come together, the energetic phenomenon that occurs is what CREATES new life.  Without this energy there would be no life.  This energy, the electrical impulses that flow from your brain and all throughout your nervous system, is what defines you as ALIVE.  A person is not pronounced dead until these energetic brain waves have stopped flowing – therefore, their presence actually defines LIFE.  Upon conception the nervous system is the first system to form in the new baby, and it will continue to control all the growth, functions and healing mechanisms of that child’s life until the end of his life.  Injuries to the brain often    result in immediate death.  Injuries to the spinal column often result in paralysis or death.  Subluxation – pressure           on nerves that slowly and silently rob your body of the ability to function and heal properly – leads to loss of normal function, symptoms, and disease.  However, unlike brain or spinal cord injuries, subluxations in the spine are usually correctable, and eliminating them allows the body to heal naturally and return to optimal function.

In closing, remember this – you can live for 30 days without food, 5 days without water, and 5 minutes without oxygen. . .but you cannot live for 1 second without nerve supply.  If you or someone you love is experiencing symptoms – of ANY kind – please get a spinal check-up. . .it is the very best thing you can do as you take the steps toward the 4 Essentials of Life!

Written By Dr. Holly Ruocco, D.C.

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