Over the past 8 years under the loving care of Dr. Holly I have avoided surgery...

I came to Chiropractic First in May 2002 with chronic pain in my neck, spine and hips.  X rays revealed that my condition was severe, even though I had been going to chiropractors for over 40 years. This was news to me!!!

During the doctor’s report, Dr. Holly recommended an aggressive course of treatment for me. I made a commitment to cooperate 100% by making all of my appointments and following all of the suggestions made by Dr. Holly and Dr. Deb.

I started by coming 3 times a week for adjustments, in addition to icing, applying moist heat, and exercising at home a couple of times a day.  Even though this caused considerable pain, I persevered, and over a period of 3-4 months noticed a gradual improvement and a lessening of pain. Eventually, I was able to back off to two times a week, and now come once a week to maintain.

Dr. Holly is  like “primary physician” to me!!! I have always followed through on all of her recommendations. Including physical therapy 3 times, and joining a gym to work with a trainer. They have willingly reviewed all of my test results (X rays/MRI’s/bone density/blood tests, etc.) and explained them to me.

I have attended all of the free workshops offered by Chiropractic First, and upon integrating those into my life have found them to be very beneficial in healing my body, mind and spirit.

The staff has been very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful while providing services. Brenda Girolamo, a gentle soul, has been giving me massage on a regular basis, and this has been extremely helpful in relaxing the muscles and keeping my body in harmony and balance.

Over the past 8 years under the loving care of Dr. Holly, I have avoided surgery on both hips, slowed down the degeneration of cartilage and improved my posture. Even though I have had 3 additional compression fractures, I am in much better over-all health than I was 8 years ago and thus have a greater quality of life now.

I fell very blessed to have found Chiropractic First, and to receive treatments/advice and information from Dr. Holly. They are truly nurturing, loving, caring and kind souls who treat each patient with dignity and respect, and are willing to go the extra mile to provide superior services. I highly recommend them without reservation to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Janice Hart

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