They explained to me exactly...what they were going to be long it would take...

For years, I endured sheer pain and agony in my neck. I was always skeptical about Chiropractic work and was at my wits end when I had my first visit with Dr. Holly.  At that point in time, I was essentially using Ben Gay at night to assure a good night’s sleep, I had limited mobility in my neck and couldn’t turn my head as the muscles were too tight when I did so.  I was fraught by lack of sleep, emotionally on edge, and felt like I had to do something as it was not getting better on its own.

 After visits with Dr. Holly and her team, I feel like a new person!!! They explained to me exactly what caused my problems, what they were going to be doing to amend the situation; as well as approximately how long it would take before I would begin to feel better.  I’ve been treated now for about two months, and I can’t speak enough praise for how Chiropractic First has affected my life for the positive!!!!

Maureen Richter

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