Good decision, I was so happy and relieved...!

I first went to Dr. Holly and her staff after I spent 3 months telling myself that my neck would heal eventually, injured as a result of a serious boating accident.  As I was attempting to grab the ladder on the back of the boat to climb back on, my seven year old cousin jumped from the boat, into the water, directly on my head.  I was submerged about five feet under the water, and unable to move my head when I rose to the top.  I spent the afternoon at the hospital being x-rayed and examined for head and neck injuries.  I was thankful that the most serious trauma was that I was unable to move my neck.

 I was able to gain some movement subsequent to the accident, but certainly no where near it needed to be.  I did not like doctors, and I did not have a good experience with a chiropractor in the past, when I was treated after an auto accident.  One of my friends referred me to Dr. Holly after knowing how long I had been struggling.  Reluctantly, I went in for an initial exam and consultation.  Despite my doubts, I decided to move forward with the treatment plan.

 Good decision!!  Shortly after beginning care with Dr. Holly, I began to gain mobility, and over a period of time, actually felt “back to normal”.  I was so happy and relieved, and I must say, quite surprised, as I had serious doubts as to whether my neck would ever feel the same.  Thank you!!

 In addition to my body healing, during my time spent at the office, I was given the gift of knowledge.  A knowledge that has helped my family and I keep healthy for the past eleven years.

 Like many people, I initially believed that chiropractic care was only necessary as a result of a neck or back injury.  However, after being educated by Dr. Holly and her staff, and growing to trust them, I began to realize how in our everyday lives we do things to cause subluxations in our spine, and therefore, how very important consistent spinal care is to our health and wellness.  Even though I knew the spinal cord was the gateway to our nervous system, I had not before connected the dots to the immune system.  I then learned that if we remove the barriers, our bodies have an opportunity to heal themselves.

 This holistic approach to health care was aligned with what I had already believed, as a few years earlier my son was under the care of a homeopath for ear infections and behavior issues in school, and with much success.  Upon gaining an understanding of the benefits of good chiropractic care, I soon had my son examined, and he became a regular patient as well.  He has had an incredibly healthy immune system over the years with holistic care, a far cry from when he was a small child and treated with a plethora of antibiotics and two surgeries.

 Over the years, I have heard many wonderful stories of people being able to eliminate prescriptive and over the counter drugs from their lives as a result of receiving care at this office, which has allowed their bodies to heal and perform properly.  My partner and my brother also became patients after being introduced to Dr. Holly, and have benefited immensely from the care.  Life works in mysterious ways – who would have thought that something so good could come out of that accident eleven years ago!

 ~ Ricci Hale

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