We don't visit any other doctors except the doctors at Chiropractic First

We started going to Chiropractic First because of my son Joshua.  He had been under the care of a Pediatrician, Allergist, Nutritionist and Gastroenterologist for nine months and nothing helped. Joshua had severe allergies but was too young to be put on traditional medications. He would end up with upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, ear infections and bronchitis from his allergies. Antibiotics were the continued and repeated treatment of choice. The antibiotics destroyed his gut and he vomited daily. That led to yet another medication to repair his stomach lining. He was also diagnosed and treated for asthma and more drugs. Josh was in and out of the emergency room so many times they knew us by our first names. I had had enough and wanted other options.

An internet search brought up how chiropractic care could help. On May 4, 2005 our lives changed. At nineteen months old Josh received his first adjustment from Dr. Deb and within two hours the change was incredible. Josh has not been on one medication since his first adjustment. He no longer suffers from anything. He is a different kid, a healthy kid.  We don’t visit any other doctors except the doctors at Chiropractic First.

In the nine months my son was seeing all the other doctors we spent more in medical bills than it costs to have my entire family under care for a year in the chiropractor’s office! – Christine G.

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