Dr. Holly is my hero!!!

Starting at the age of 4, my son Austin began complaining of knee pain. It was an ongoing problem that never went away for long, he was in pain daily. This would continue for years before the reason was found at Chiropractic First. As an otherwise happy little boy, it was difficult for him to run and play with his older brother and cousins. He would often stop playing and sit, stating “my knees hurt”, which became his daily mantra. As a mother it was heart wrenching to watch my little boy in pain as he tried to walk or play; even his sleep was disturbed. Numerous visits to our pediatrician, as well as an orthopedic specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital, always resulted in the same outcome. . .the doctors could not find anything wrong with Austin’s knees. The doctors began to treat me as though I were an over-protective mother and told me my son was faking just to get my attention. ¬†Their remedy was to give Austin daily doses of Motrin for his pain and Benedryl to “knock him out” so he could sleep. I knew that this was not something I wanted to continue to do. Besides the worry, I still could not help but wonder what may be causing his pain, and it was at this point that a friend recommended Chiropractic First. Our very first visit with Dr. Holly revealed what would have become a very serious condition later in Austin’s life had it not been found and corrected; Austin had early stage scoliosis. I was shocked by the diagnosis but relieved that we finally had an explanation. Within two weeks of treatment Austins sleep improved, as did mine, and his range of motion was better and he was able to play without crying in pain.

Dr. Holly is my hero!!! After four years of agony and no answers and just a year and a half of chiropractic adjustments, Austin is now on maintenance and he very rarely, if at all, experiences pain. He sleeps through the night and most importantly his spine is in proper alignment!!! Did I mention how much I love the doctors at Chiropractic First? So much so that I now work for them! I am in a perpetual state of gratitude for what they have done for my son, myself and my entire family. РD. Specht

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