My son had several ear infections...

Originally, I went to Chiropractic First because my son had several ear infections when he was 2 years.  Since his first treatment, he has never had another ear infection.  He is now 4 years old!  Because of this, as a family, we have all started chiropractic care. When I first started, I was experiencing constant headaches, fatigue and my right arm was numb.  After a few months of care, all my symptoms have subsided and I now feel much more in balance.  Dr. Holly and Dr. Deb are fantastic advocates of living a healthy lifestyle.  I appreciate immensely the knowledge, support and care they have shown my family over the past few years.  The office and all of the staff are friendly and very warm.  It is a caring environment to walk into and walking out feeling so much better is the icing on the cake!

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Erika Veduccio

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