I enjoy a good massage...

“I enjoy a good massage. I also believe that it is important to get to know the person who provides the massage. How lucky I was to find the right person for my health, mind and body needs. Brenda is a gem. Massage is a stress reliever for me. I know that if I have a sore back or a tight muscle Brenda will be there to make things better. It is very soothing to meet  and speak with Brenda. She is a kind person, a gentle soul and a great massage therapist. I have Fibromyalgia and every time I come in for a massage I have a different ache or pain. Brenda treats it all with compassion and puts more energy into a session than you would ever expect to get. All I can say is that if you are in need of a massage (actually everyone could benefit at one time or another) you should make an appointment and see for yourself how good she really is.”

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Lori Bertrand

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