Years of lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, headaches...

I have suffered from back pain since an injury 25 years ago (May 1985).  My initial treatment was physical therapy, occupational therapy, pain management clinic, muscle relaxers, Advil, and anti-depressant medication.  However, nothing really “solved” my problem.  Even after all that treatment, I continued to suffer from recurring back and neck pain.  I’m SO glad I found Dr. Holly!  After my first visit she showed me the results of my x-rays and it was SO clear to see that two problems were causing my pain, mainly a bone spur on my spine and anterior head syndrome, which means I was carrying my head out in front on my body.

 I’ve been under her care for only one month now and already see tremendous results!  My posture has improved greatly, relieving pressure on my lower back and on my neck.  I’m finding that I’m able to be more active and don’t need to sit down as much as I did just one month ago. I’m also noticing a big difference in my mobility and range of motion in my neck.

I appreciate the approach Dr. Holly and her staff takes in educating me to the needs I have, as well as their proposed solutions.  I know what’s happening at every step in my care.  Dr. Holly holds regularly-scheduled workshops to continually inform patients.  She incorporates home care into my treatment program as well.

I’m very thankful to have found Dr. Holly and am grateful for the improvement I’ve already seen.

Everyone on the staff is committed to quality care and I appreciate that so much.

Thank you!
Deb Anderson

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