Swine Flu is Officially a Fiasco

Its official and I’m declaring it.  The 2009 Swine flu “pandemic” is a bonafide fiasco. A fiasco is a complete failure – an ignominious, humiliating and disgraceful failure.  All the evidence at this point clearly shows that from the government to public health to the pharmaceutical industry – nothing panned out the way they predicted it would. According to these researchers (which include scientists from Harvard, the UK Medical Research Council and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) H1N1 swine flu won’t be as severe as was feared and when the fall and winter wave of H1N1 swine flu is over, it will have been no more severe than an average flu season. In fact, according to one of the researchers – Dr. Lipsitch “The good news is that … the severity of the H1N1 flu may be less than initially feared.”

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH

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