After years of sitting for many hours...

After years of sitting for many hours in study as an undergraduate and graduate student muscle discomfort had become a characteristic of my daily living. After benefitting greatly from Chiropractic treatment for subluxation I discovered my muscular system was still strained, tight, and full of knots. Therefore, with the encouragement of my Chiropractor I began to consider therapeutic massage for two reasons. First, the tightness of my muscles was greatly uncomfortable in both work and leisure. Second, I became concerned that the tightness of my muscles was putting strain on my recently realigned skeletal structure and I did not want to regress. During the first session my massage therapist, Pam Begin, explained how muscles have memory and naturally return to their previous shape even if that shape was not the healthiest. I decided, for a time, to attend weekly or bi-weekly sessions to correct the elastic memory my muscles had developed. I can say with conviction that I now have a healthier muscular system and am much more comfortable in work and leisure. I highly recommend therapeutic massage to all as a normal means of healthcare and in the prevention of illness or injuries. You deserve it.

Kyle Stanton

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